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Your perfect introduction to our R15E Program begins today!
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Specially designed classes to help build life skills.
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Customized training programs to help teen challenges
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Just for the little ones: 4-6 yrs old
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Ask about our group and individual self-defense classes

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has been Hoover's leader in martial arts, life skills, and self-defense since 1983.

If you’re looking for a fantastic environment to have a blast, maintain a high level of fitness, and learn valuable life skills, then Tiger Rock is the place for you! Tiger Rock is proud to have served the Hoover, southern Jefferson County, and northern Shelby County area in Alabama for the past 25+ years.

Our expertise and experience in the field of martial arts leaves us at the forefront of local martial arts programs for kids, teens, and adults. The benefits of martial arts are far-reaching and involve so much more than improving fitness or learning martial arts techniques. Tiger Rock instructors approach the person as a whole and we focus on physical and mental well-being to help individuals reach your highest potential.

Life Skills in Martial Arts

Join a martial arts class at our Hoover, Alabama location today! With our Tiger Rock advantage, you’ll learn valuable life skills that will translate to school, work, family, friends, and society as a whole. The lessons that you learn will help you focus, build confidence, and instill discipline. In all, these skills you pick up on our mat will have a tremendous, life-changing effect off of the mat. Conflict resolution skills and anger management techniques are naturally embedded in our martial arts program. Communication and teamwork are also important elements of Tiger Rock classes. Additional benefits include becoming more aware of your surroundings and better prepared for the unexpected.

Martial Arts Studio Near Me

Tiger Rock martial arts classes in Hoover, AL are fun and exciting! Students at Tiger Rock experience a training system that is a combination of ancient martial arts traditions and modern advances in physical fitness. You’ll learn a variety of martial arts types so that you are able to handle any competition or self-defense situation. With our high-energy practice, you’ll enjoy a total workout that gets you fitter, stronger, and faster. Balance, coordination, speed, and agility are all components that are developed through your martial arts practice.We have a full schedule of martial arts classes to choose from, so we’re sure to fit into your busy schedule. All classes are age and developmentally appropriate, designed to meet the needs of each specific age group, from 4 year olds to adults.

Local Self-Defense Classes 

We only teach real-world self-defense skills at our martial arts academy. Overall, our self-defense curriculum includes drills, exercises, techniques, and tips that focus on safety, awareness, and personal protection. In addition, we also provide conflict resolution techniques and anti-bullying education for our younger students.


Our trainers and students participate in martial arts competitions consistently throughout the year. This provides opportunities for students to advance in belts and practice goal-setting. Competitions provide valuable feedback for students to assess areas that need improvement, set goals for future improvement, and practice the martial arts techniques they’ve learned along the way.

If increasing physical fitness, life skill development, and self-defense techniques sound good to you, give us a call or sign up online! You can try a single class to see if martial arts is for you, or you can push yourself to excel and become a regular attendee (or family member, as we see it)! Strive to become the best version of yourself through Tiger Rock’s martial arts program in Hoover today!


" I think the academy is well-organized and flexible, and the instructors are keeping a good balance between the discipline required by martial arts and the softness the tender age of 8 requires. "

- Yiannis A.

" The year that we started at Tiger Rock, my son was struggling in many ways. He has been diagnosed with a mild case of benign essential tremors. This is a neurological disorder that causes mild tremors in his arms and hands. It helps in every area in which he needs help:  balance, coordination, and strength. I have to say that the biggest change I’ve seen in Owen is his confidence.  A big part of that is from Taekwondo. He BELIEVES he can do anything and he has developed a very good work ethic to be able to do what everyone else does. "

- Michele M.

" My son and I started Taekwondo together when he was 8 years old.  We stayed with it and went on to earned our black belts together.  Now that he's a teenager, we still both agree it's one of the best things we could have done together.  It really gave us something to connect on.  Now we'll always cherish the accomplishment, the shared interest and the shared time. "

- Catherine S.