Xtreme Performance (XP)

Available for Green Belts & Above

Tiger Rock Martial Arts is proud to offer our Xtreme Program! This advanced course for Green Belts and above teaches a high intensity tumbling and martial arts weapons curriculum that is sure to improve your confidence, athleticism and discipline. This fun fusion of martial arts and martial arts tumbling is a super enjoyable and empowering experience. 


Tiger Rock values our students as a whole and we recognize that the best athletes are well-rounded, with the ability to adapt in a variety of different obstacles and challenges. To assist our students in reaching those higher levels of potential, we’ve created the XP curriculum. If you have excelled in XP and are interested in pushing yourself in a different way, you could be eligible to participate in martial arts tumbling competitions


The real benefit of the Xtreme program is the pure enjoyment that you’ll experience! For just a bit, forget about stripes, belts, moving up ranks, or improving your standing. Instead, just have a blast while challenging yourself in a whole new way! 

Martial Arts Tumbling & Gymnastics Near Me

The XP curriculum combines traditional martial arts with elements of gymnastics training, creating a high flying, martial arts with high jumps, flips, and twists. Incorporating concepts from parkour, gymnastics, and tumbling, you’ll increase your muscle twitch, speed, and agility through XP. 


Students of all ages develop physically with gymnastics in a variety of ways. Coordination, balance, strength and muscular development, flexibility, activity and fitness, body awareness, control, motor skills, and heart-health are just a few of the positive outcomes you will experience in XP gymnastics and tumbling

Martial Arts Weapons Training

Tiger Rock’s martial arts weapons program in Hoover, AL and at our Pelham location is offered as part of our XP curriculum. Not only will students learn basic weapon techniques, but you will practice complex moves and maneuvers that will make you fast and powerful. Martial arts weapon practice helps you improve focus, hand-eye coordination, balance, and body control, all of which will enhance your martial arts practice and transfer into other life areas as well! 


The XP weapons training is a fantastic way to prepare for martial arts competitions in a whole new way. You will learn strategies that will take your martial arts journey to a new place. Lifetime and hobbyist martial artists often incorporate this higher level of technique into their practice and we encourage our experienced students to do the same! You’ll get to experience a wide variety of martial arts weaponry, which change seasonally, including bows, staffs, nunchucks, swords, and much more! 

Try Xtreme Performance Today!

Our expert Tiger Rock instructors are standing by to enjoy this challenging and energetic experience with you! We always encourage you to rise to new challenges and try a wide variety of activities to become the best version of yourself, and XP is one way to do just that! Have a blast while learning martial arts weapons maneuvers and developing your inner-gymnast with flips, twists, and high jumps. We know you’ll love the benefits from our empowering Xtreme Program!