Martial Arts After School Programs

Martial arts at your school!

One of the best after school programs in Alabama you can choose for your child is a martial arts class. Many people are not aware of the wide variety of benefits of martial arts for kids. Physical fitness, emotional and mental balance, self-defense techniques, social skills, and general well-being are just a few of the gains your child will experience by giving martial arts a try! Most importantly, your child will have a blast and expend a ton of energy!

So where is there to practice martial arts in the Hoover area? Tiger Rock is touted as one of the best martial arts schools nearby. We cover a wide range of martial arts techniques in order to provide a fun, fast-paced, healthy after school program for kids

Martial Arts Programs in School

One of the best courses that Tiger Rock offers to kids (elementary school age) are in-school martial arts classes, when conditions permit. Our qualified, experienced instructors take the transportation issues out of it and come directly to the school to host our martial arts kids courses. Your child will be provided with martial arts uniforms, any necessary martial arts equipment, and the best martial arts instructors in the Hoover area. They’ll engage in highly active and enjoyable martial arts activities and be ready for you to pick them up after work. Just as when practicing in the studio, classes are age and level appropriate, so your child is receiving the most cutting edge martial arts instruction available.

Benefits of a Martial Arts After School Program

Physical Fitness & Health

Your child will gain physical fitness and stamina, heart and circulation strength, balance, coordination, muscular strength, and hand-eye coordination, to name a few of the health benefits of martial arts

Social Development

Making new friends and developing social skills for kids can be difficult but Tiger Rock aims to make it easier! Engaging with peers based on the mutual ground of martial arts enables kids to connect with others. All Tiger Rock courses foster communication, team work, and assertively respect self and others. We strive for a family atmosphere where everyone is involved, engaged, and comfortable

Character Development Program

Tiger Rock is proud of our martial arts character development program. We believe in creating successful and contributing members of society who strive to be the best versions of themselves in every aspect. In our unique fifteen stage program, from white belt to black belt, students are taught a character trait and word associated with each stage. Tiger Rock instructors host a “Mat Chat” during every class, where the highlighted character trait is discussed. Students share experiences they’ve had with the character trait in everyday life and share successes in practicing that particular trait. When students move on to the next rank, they receive a wristband and completion card as a reminder that they have mastered that element of character. 

Still not sure if a martial arts after school program is the way to go for your child? Try a single class to check it out! We’re confident your child will walk away excited about continuing! Sign up with a call or click today!