Adult Martial Arts Classes

Adult Martial Arts Classes Near Me

Are you looking for the perfect workout that will help you look and feel great without being the same old, boring routine? Do you want to get into the best shape of your life while learning real, effective self-defense? Tiger Rock Martial Arts at our Hoover or Pelham location is the answer! 


Wave good-bye to filthy gyms, crowded equipment, and dangerous free weights. The black belt staff at Tiger Rock Martial Arts will teach you impressive martial arts techniques and skills and get you into incredible shape! Our adult classes are for ages 16+ and accommodate all skill levels. You’ll walk away feeling confident, disciplined, and fit!



"Challenge Today. Exceed Tomorrow. Average Is Not Acceptable."

Why Choose Martial Arts for Adults?

Increased Fitness and Fat Burning Workouts!

By combining classic moves, exercises, and tested self-defense techniques from a variety of martial arts styles along with a rigorous fitness and conditioning program, our Adult Martial Arts classes will ignite fat-burning, increase your confidence, and teach you to be protected inside and outside of the gym.


Self-Defense and Safety Skills

You never have to live in fear again! Tiger Rock’s experienced and qualified black belt instructors will teach you effective striking, escapes, and most importantly, how to handle yourself against a violent attack. We also teach methods of avoiding an attack in the first place, which include skills such as increased awareness of surroundings, an assertive and confident stance, and conflict resolution techniques. We promise you’ll leave Tiger Rock feeling comfortable and secure in your ability to defend yourself.  


Stress Relief Techniques for Adults 

One of the best outcomes of practicing martial arts is the stress relief you’ll experience! Have a blast with a high-impact, fast-paced class that burns away stress! Punch, jab, spar, and grapple away all the stress that builds up in everyday life. Enjoy the sense of lightness and invigoration 

you’ll experience after a Tiger Rock course! 


Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial arts programs have been proven to help adults fight common health issues that result from aging. Improve your circulation, balance, coordination, and keep your heart rate healthy with an adult martial arts course! You’ll also maintain precise hand-eye coordination and improve your reflexes and agility. 


Fun & Social Interaction!

Did we mention fun? Tiger Rock classes are a blast! They’re also a great way to meet new people! We have truly created a family atmosphere and you can form an entirely new social group based on the common ground of martial arts and healthy habits. 

Get Started Today!

Adult Self-Defense Classes Near Me

Do you worry that you’re too old or too out of shape for Martial Arts? Don’t even question it! The Tiger Rock martial arts program in Hoover, AL and adult self-defense classes are available for any adult age and any level. We have martial arts professionals and hobbyist adults as well as those who have never tried martial arts before! 


The benefits of martial arts for adults are endless! The skills you learn at Tiger Rock martial arts in Pelham, AL or Hoover, AL will give you confidence, greatly increase your fitness and concentration levels, and leave you disciplined and healthy. Most importantly, you’ll feel more safe and secure. Join the Tiger Rock team today and you will love the experience just as much as the results!